About Us

Hey that's me, Mikey, and my best friend and wife El'.

We're Mikey and El', aka Me & Elle, an (extra) ordinary happily married couple. We can't live without travelling, eating street food and photographing people in love. Weddings and couple shoots are our thing.

Where we at?

We're addicted to travel. It's the ultimate. Meeting new people, learning about different cultures and (picking up) new languages, is what keeps us moving, and we never want to stop. Moving.

We're happy to capture you anywhere on this incredible planet! From South East Asia, to North London where we're currently based.

What's our why?

It must be love...

We believe in the chemistry of love. We love what we do, love the rush, we love making pictures, love travelling together and we absolutely love our couples.

We believe in the chemistry of photography. It's ability to transport you through time and space, to story tell and make believe. To make you smile, swoon and never forget. To make you feel. Again.

It's what we do.

Tell incredible true love stories, where you are the heroes, through beautiful images that will endure far beyond your wedding day.


Are you insured?

Yes we are. We wouldn’t shoot a wedding without it!

Do you travel for weddings?

We love to travel. Even when we’re not shooting weddings. It’s our addiction.

Check out our travel journal.

I can't find any group shots on your blog. Do you take group shots?

Yes definitely. We think they’re important.

We suggest you allow 5 minutes per group shot. With that in mind we recommend 6-8 group shots and we have a suggested group shot list that we’ll share with you prior to the day.

Do you provide RAW files?

I’m afraid we don’t. You won’t receive photos of people with their eyes closed, or shots of us we've taken to test the light, etc. What you will receive is a collection of the best photos from the day.

How many photos will we receive?

You’ll receive approximately 300 photos from the day.

How long will it take for us to receive our photos?

After your wedding we’ll select, edit and curate all the beauty and madness we behold. You’ll receive an online gallery of your wedding collection within 9 weeks. These will be backed up for a year - so we recommend downloading them. You’ll have full licence to share these with your family and friends, so you can re-live the day whenever you like.

Do you sell prints and albums?

We do. We believe that your collections should physically exist in the real world for you to appreciate like any great art. Not just on your phone, or laptop.

We would absolutely love to make your memories tangible, and craft you a beautiful heirloom album to exhibit and treasure you precious memories. But like your favourite musicians, it’s not all about album sales.

We can talk about this before or even after your wedding.

Got any good advice?

Sure. Find a photographer/videographer you love. At the end of the night, the cake will be eaten. In a few years, the dress might not fit. But what will remain, are the photos/video from the day.

They will become part of your families’ history. They’ll include people who may no longer be with us, and they’ll be seen by people who aren’t with us yet.

During the day, make sure to take a moment together to take it all in. It's gonna fly by.

Enjoy x

How can we hire you guys?!

Fill out the contact form with all the information about your day. We want to know everything.

Then leave the rest to us. We’ll get in touch, arrange a call and take it from there.

To secure your date you’ll need to sign a contract, and we’ll request a 50% deposit. We can arrange a payment plan for the remainder, which should be paid in full, one month before your wedding day.